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 Thank   you   visiting  this  Portion  of  my site . Here you  will find a  link  to  my  CV .

In  July  2013  I've  moved  to  Germany  /  Paderborn .  The  main  reason  was  to be

reunited with the rest of my Family .


 For 30 years I've been living in  Serbia  , where  I worked  as  a  System  Administrator

for 10 years in 3 companies  simultaneously. It was  my duty to administer  14  CentOS

based servers , take care of the network , which spanned across 3  cities , our locations

were connected via our Wireless Network , and some via  VPN . I  was also  tasked with

solving all problems related to  our  Windows  clients if  the  local  administrator was not

able to solve it. Later I  started my  journey  into  learning a programming language, my

choice was Pascal, Delphi 7 and Delphi XE3 , I  wrote a few   programs  using it ,  worth

mentioning is my Vehicle Management  Program  developed  for  CaprioloBIKE D.o.o.  in

Serbia , Industrial Scale  software  I  developed for  Krivaja D.o.o. in  Serbia  and  finally

a Employee  Attendance Tracking software I also developed for Krivaja D.o.o.


 In  Germany  since  01.07.2013  ,  have worked  in  various  possitions,  first as   Vehicle

Cleaner, then as Warehouse worker. Never gave up my dream,  used all  my  freetime  to

do programing.Finally since 01.11.2014 I am working as a Full Time System Administrator

/ Programmer at the company Teuto-Glasveredelung GmbH & Co. KG.

 My resume is still available for download. For Anyone interested.


 You can download my CV from this ftp server :

 username : robert

 password : planb


 It's in Germany language , and it's under CV folder.


 Thank you

 Robert Becskei