Basic program layout :


Register screen :


Here you can  select  the  desired  vehicle  group  ,  in the above image

right now  Private group  is  selected , then you can  view  the Vehicles

for this group , and you can add new mileage log , service,  registration,

mandatory   insurance  entries  for  the  selected  vehicle.  The program

automatically selects the correct year and month for you. You can only see

a month of data at once for any selected vehicle here.


Report Screen :

You will find all the reports on this screen you can make using this

program . Every report can be Printed directly , or exported to PDF

file , and to Excel . Please note the charts cannot be printed right



Reminder Screen :

You can set your reminders here for Vehicles and Drivers , you can set

the time or km in Options. The default value is 31 days and 5000km .


Tool Screen :

Here you can add vehicle groups, vehicles, drivers, locations, companies , items etc...


Admin Console :


Here you set program wide options, unlock locked items , manage users , view the change

log and the about dialog box.


First Steps :


On a completely empty database, you should first begin by adding items in the following

order : 1.Vehicle Groups, 2. Places, 3. Vehicles, 4.Driver, 5. Shops, 6. Article Type,

7. Measurement Units, 8. Payment Method, 9. Articles, 10. Company .

Note : in case you miss a step don't worry the program won't allow you for example to add

articles if there are no shops defined , etc. Also you can add missing items most of the

time by clicking on the + sign after the drop down list.



Adding your first mileage log :


You select the company, driver , enter mileage log number ( it must be unique ,

the program will notify you if there is already one ) , then you add places  to

the destination list, you can drag n drop to rearrange the order of them in the

list, as long as the city list is focused you can press ENTER as  well  to  add

items to the list, and as long as the relation box is focused you can press DEL

to  remove  selected  items. The start km is automatically filled in for you if

there are other mileage log entries, otherwise you must enter a value yourself ,

the total km is calculated automatically. Then you select start and  stop  date,

the time will be calculated. You can add the daily allowance should there be any.

Then  add  note  if you wish. Click on Add or press F4, the form will close for a

moment and will automatically re-open and you can start adding items to it . Like

how many times you've bought fuel , or payed for road tax .


Adding your first Service entry :

First you  must enter the invoice number (must be unique) , then you

enter  the invoice date , then you choose the service name where the

vehicle was  repaired, the total price field will be filled  out  by

the program  automatically later,  the  km  stand  is  automatically

filled if  there  are  already  mileage log entries for this vehicle

otherwise you must enter  a value,  you  can  also  add  a note here.

Finally click on Add or press F4 ,the window will close for a second

and will aromatically re-open and you can start adding service items

to it. Once finished, you click on Done .


Adding your first Registration entry :

First  you  select  the registration date, the km will be filled out if there

are already  mileage  log  entries  otherwise must be set manually. You enter

the duration of the registration in months. Total price will be automatically

calculated by the program   you  can  add a note here. Once done you click on

Add or press F4 ,  the  window  will close for a sec then re-open and you can

start adding  registration items, once you are done you can click on Done and

you are finished.


Adding your first Registration entry :

First you must enter the insurance date, then the km will be  filled  in  automatically

if you have any mileage log entries otherwise you will need to enter the value manually.

Then you enter the duration for it, the total price for the  insurance, and finally you

can add notes. Once done you click on Add or press F2.


Basic Usage :

In every window you can save and reset the column  width by using the menu item view , you

can also make a screenshot of every form by going to menu item debug and click screenshot.

Almost every table has a SmartBar[tm] above it, where  you can quickly export the contents

to excel , auto adjust the columns , or clear the sort  order. You  can click on the table

column names to sort by it in ascending or descending order. Where available you can press

F5 to quick search inside a table on the highlighted  column. On some forms you can change

the highlighted column by  pressing  left  or  right  arrow , but it functions only if the

search box is focused . On most forms you will  see a + after a drop down list , or in the

header. If you click in this you can add new  items to this list. You will also see in the

top right corner of some forms a yellow box, which shows you the active and inactive items.

Some items cannot be deleted in  the  program,  instead they are deactivated , which makes

them invisible for the rest of the program. On almost every form F2 adds , ENTER or double

click modifies, DEL deletes or de(activates).