MySQL Installation


Step 1 :


Download MySQL installer from the following webpage :

Choose correct version x86 was only available when last checked for Microsoft  Windows .  Then  it

will ask you for registration , which you can skip by saying no thank you at the bottom of the page.


STEP 2 :


You click on Install MySQL products accept the license agreements.


You must choose Full installation type.


Here it will tell you what items will be installed, you just click on Execute and wait for it to finish.


Here you just click Next.


Depending on your environment you can choose Config Type, it's really well explained.


Here you must specify the MySQL root password , this same password will be later required to access the MySQL server from the Work Bench and from _planB .


Here you just click Next.




And finally FINISH.


Now you must click on the Local instance MySQL56.


It will ask you for password for the root account, type it in, you can also save it, if you are the only person accessing this computer.