Step 1 :


Download the program along with the initial database from this site :

username : robert

password : planb is the program is the MySQL database

Example : /0.1.7/ and  /0.1.7/

If a new Version is released , only the exe file is uploaded

as long as the database is not changed , should the database

change  in the future, the scripts will be provided to alter

the database.

( The program has sample data for 2014.06 only )


Step 2 :


Extract the to somewhere on your computer for example c:\_planB\

Extract the to somewhere on your computer, you will need this file imported into your MySQL installation .


STEP 3 :


Start MySQL Workbench then, click on Data Import/Restore , then on Import from Self-Contained File , then

navigate to where you've downloaded the initial database for _planB.


Then click on NEW at Default Target Schema , and type _planB .


Then chose _planB as Default Target Schema.


Click on Start Import , and it should successfully finish, and we are done , with the MySQL part.


STEP 4 :


You start _planB.exe , where you will be greeted by a Initial Configuration screen, where you must specify the ip address of the

MySQL server , and the username and password you wish to use to gain access to this server.

The settings will be stored under the app_dir\Data\mysql.conf , in encrypted format, should you happen to make a mistake by

the configuration you can safely delete this file, and the program will once again ask you for the new settings on start up.


STEP 5 :


Start _planB.exe again , choose the desired language , then type in password admin . And you are in.

It is recommended that you change the password to something else. And for simple tasks add another user

with non-administrative rights.